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The right dental care and advice for your children will lead to minimal dental treatment in later life.   We therefore welcome all children to the practice from an early age. 

Buckinghamshire PCT allows us to see children up to the age of seventeen under the NHS system for routine care.

We suggest that you bring your baby or child along with you to the surgery as early as you wish, so that they can get used to the people and the environment. We find that it helps greatly if the children can share the appointment with the ‘grown up’.  We have flat screen TVs above all our dental chairs with a range of the latest films, which we find really helps to keep things fun. 

We will show you and your children the correct oral hygiene procedures and provide dietary advice too. At the age of about six years, we advocate the use of fissure sealants as an added safeguard to protect teeth.  We also provide orthodontic treatment to straighten crowded or wrongly positioned teeth. 

What are ‘fissures’, and why seal them?

The chewing surfaces of the back teeth (premolars and molars) contain deep pits and grooves called ‘fissures’; the fissures are usually so narrow that toothbrush bristles are not able to clean them effectively, so creating an environment in which bacteria can flourish, often resulting in tooth decay. 

Sealing the tooth surface protects the fissures from bacteria and sugars, and so prevents decay from starting deep within the fissures.

Any tooth with pits and fissures can be treated, provided the surface to be filled is sound and has not been previously filled.

When should sealants be put on the teeth?

Sealants are most effective when applied soon after the eruption of the tooth through the gum. Early application (from the age of six onwards) ensures that pits and fissures are sealed before the decay process has a chance to take hold.

How are sealants applied?

Sealants are applied easily and painlessly - no drilling is required. The tooth is cleaned, treated and dried, and the sealant then applied. It is then hardened with an Ultra Violet to form a protective coating over the tooth.

How effective are sealants, and how long do they last?

Studies show sealants to be very effective in preventing decay in fissures. They do, however, require regular inspection by your dentist, which we would do as part of your six-monthly check-up.

Any other advice for children?

We also recommend the use of custom made sports-guards for children (and adults) who are engaged in contact sports.  They offer a precise fit, and are available in many team colors! 


Amersham Dental Surgery - The Lindfield Dental Surgery
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