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The Lindfield Dental Surgery
32 Rickmansworth Road

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Feeling anxious or Nervous of the Dentist

Many people find music a pleasant distraction during treatment.  We can provide a personal CD player and a wide selection of discs for you to listen to during treatment.  We also have flat screen TVs mounted on the ceiling above the chair in all our surgeries, with headphones available for your personal use.

Before any injection, the gum is numbed with a surface anaesthetic cream (raspberry, bubble-gum or pina colada flavors!).

We also work with fluid abrasion. This is a tool for providing minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. There is no direct contact with the tooth structure, no vibration, turbine noise, heat generation or smell, and a greatly reduced need for local anaesthetic.

A simple tablet of valium taken before treatment may be all that is required to relieve undue anxiety.

In addition, we can provide treatment under hypnosis. It is an increasingly popular approach that allows you to relax fully during your appointment without the need for sedation.

We recommend that you initially try a simple session of hypnosis without any dental treatment involved so that you can see for yourself what the benefits are. After any hypnosis session, you can drive yourself home and carry on with your day as normal.

Many patients find that after a few sessions of hypnosis they gain the confidence to accept treatment without undue anxiety, to the point where they don’t need hypnosis at all.

Hypnosis works well for adults and children alike, and we would be happy to discuss this option with you at your appointment.


Amersham Dental Surgery - The Lindfield Dental Surgery
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