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The Lindfield Dental Surgery
32 Rickmansworth Road

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Some people are lucky and have naturally straight teeth, while others may need a little help to achieve an attractive and healthy smile.

Misaligned teeth affect both your appearance and your dental health, but the good news is that orthodontic treatment will correct the problem, improve your dental health - and give you a great smile too.

Here at Lindfield, specialist orthodontists Helen Travess and Helen Veeroo are on-hand to provide you with expert advice and the very best treatment.

Both Helen's firmly believe in the importance of:

  • Working with you in a relaxed atmosphere and involving you in all aspects of treatment planning and care
  • High quality orthodontic treatment to achieve natural facial aesthetics and a beautiful smile, whatever your age or current dental condition
  • Working alongside other dental professionals to achieve a complete cosmetic result
  • Treatment without extractions whenever possible
  • Written treatment plans with  clear costing to show your options 

We offer private consultations and treatment to give you the advantage of:

  • Immediate personal attention
  • Dedicated treatment by orthodontists with specialist training
  • Full access to the very latest techniques, appliances and materials
  • The correct clinical time set aside for your needs
  • Flexible, interest-free payment options
  • Greater choice in appointment times  - after school, evenings or Saturdays - at no extra cost

Initial appointment
Your initial consultation will reveal how you will benefit from orthodontic treatment. It will consist of a comprehensive facial and oral examination, followed by a discussion about treatment options.  We will arrange any X-rays, impressions and photographs that you need for your specific treatment plan.

Your treatment
Orthodontic appliances (usually referred to as ‘braces’) are fitted to the teeth and, over time, use constant, gentle pressure to move your teeth into their new position.
Your braces are at work throughout every moment of your treatment.  Usually, we will want to see you every 6-10 weeks to check your progress and to make any necessary adjustments.   As treatment progresses, we will adjust your appliance to produce an ideal alignment and ‘bite’, and give you the best possible appearance.

Aesthetic Options
For patients wanting to minimise the visibility of orthodontic braces, we offer a range of low-visibility appliances including:                 

ceramic braces amershamCeramic braces:

these are tooth-coloured fixed braces






invisalign amershamInvisalign: 

unlike conventional braces, this option uses virtually-invisible clear plastic trays to guide tooth movement.  The trays are easy to use and comfortable to wear, and are therefore of particular appeal to adults who don’t want to be seen wearing braces     





Initial consultation is £105 for adults, and £70 for children.
Treatment fees are individually assessed and depend upon the duration and complexity of your treatment.
Remember, we are pleased to offer flexible, interest-free payment plans spread over the course of your treatment.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit or credit card.


Amersham Dental Surgery - The Lindfield Dental Surgery
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